Thursday, November 18, 2010


"Twas the day before Thanksgiving and all through the trees,
the fall leaves were spinning aloft in the breeze.
Eight children had boarded their school bus with grins
in hopes that a field trip soon would begin..."

My first copy of this book came from a book fair in elementary school. Remember book fairs and book orders? I lived for book fairs and book orders. Every year we would read this story, and for a handful of years my mom could never find where she put it the previous year so she bought a new copy. I'm sure she has at least six copies (buried somewhere) right now. I bought my own and have it ready to go for this year's reading....less than a week away!!!

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  1. I can't find my copy!! Hopefully Mom will bring one of hers to the train station on Wednesday night when she picks me up :)