Friday, November 19, 2010

A Toast to the Weekend

  • Holiday drinks are buy one, get one at Starbucks this weekend! Mmmmmm soy latte with a hint of peppermint....I treasure your holiday goodness. (Though I'll be a little grinch-y when I say that the red cups this year were kind of a design disaster....really Starbucks? You couldn't think of anything better than a robot looking penguin/snowman for my cup?)
  • I just got an email announcing that the REI Winter Sale starts today. With a forecast of sunny and 67 tomorrow, I'll leave the winter gear purchases to those of you not living in the South.
  • Harry Potter.... Husby and I were planning on having a marathon of the previous movies before heading out to see this one, but since we don't have any idea where we'll track them down I'm hoping we'll just bite the bullet and go.
Have a lovely weekend! Start getting excited for a short work week and feast of feasts coming up!

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