Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Yes Virginia, there is Santa Claus (and a TJ's too!)

I think today was the first time I've heard that phrase (pictured left). I was watching 'Management' with Jennifer Aniston and Steve Zahn (courtesy of my local RedBox) and in an effort to oh-so-coolly woo Jen, Steve blurts out, "Maryland is for lovers, right?" Jen gives him a look and says, "No, Virginia is for lovers. Maryland is for crabs."

All this to say, Virginia may be behind door number one in the game show of our future. Even though I've never visited (recently), it does have the following items in the PRO column on my imaginary yellow legal pad: Trader Joe's, REI, Anthropologie, a job for husby (I should bump this up to the top of the list), darling apartments in quaint houses (okay, this really tops the list), a manageable drive to areas of interest, and an annual average snowfall of 12 inches.

Cons? It's no West Coast. 
Two weeks until decision day...

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Ithaca is...

...boring. And cold. It is a small town full of college students and lawyers (lawyers, lawyers, everywhere!) surrounded by even smaller villages. Today I finished work early, looking forward to the next two days of sleeping in and not working at all. It was a sunny day--but chilly--and I just felt like bundling up and going exploring in a part of the city that I haven't seen. But I've seen Ithaca. I wanted to scope out a big city...one with districts and good Mexican food and quirky little shops.

We ended up going to the movies. And I fell in love with 3D dragon named Toothless.

I digress. Here's a break-up letter I've been drafting. I think I'll get the nerve to send it in a few months.

Dear Ithaca,

You've been great. We've had some fun times, but you've really been quite cold to me lately. I think it's time I move on. It's not me, actually, it's you. And I hate for this to get personal, but size does matter. I need something bigger. I hope we can still be friends.


P.S. Don't think you can win my heart back completely with the advent of spring. It won't work. Well, maybe just a little.