Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Sew Green

As I'm finding time to pick up craft projects (if I get my act together, I might do some more handmade things for holiday gifts), I'm wishing Richmond had a great little fabric store like Ithaca did. I've discovered Hancock Fabrics and there's always tried-and-true JoAnn, but the Sew Green shop in Ithaca was a brilliant idea. 

Housed in a tiny space in the same building as the famous Moosewood restaurant, Sew Green was an extension of the women's community center. The idea was that people in the community donated their extra fabric (I always have some left over from a project) and other craft items (thread, pens, knitting needles) for Sew Green to sell. The money was then put back into community programs like sewing classes for teens after school. They always had a great collection of fabrics for extremely reasonable prices, all folded and stacked so nicely by corresponding fibers and textures. It would be so fun to find (or start!) something like that here. [Image via Soule Mama]

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  1. Jessica...........that's exactly what you should do! Open up a Sew Green in Richmond! You are an entreprenur. Take your creativity and imagination and go for it!

    Love, your #1 fan (besides your husband)!