Monday, November 1, 2010

Epic Halloween

For the third year in a row, husby and I went as ceiling fans (hey, it's totally legit if you've lived in three states...three different crowds to impress with brilliant wit.) We had a fun time at a shindig on Saturday night and got right back into costume on Sunday to help pass out candy to all the costumed kiddos.

In Portland, there's one street that's known for being the most decked out Christmas lane in the city. In Richmond, there's one street that all the kids from around the city come to trick-or-treat. With five Waldos, a Carmen Sandiego, two ceiling fans and a few others, we gave out 1600 pieces of candy in less than three hours to the likes of Disney princesses, Iron Man, a pencil, three blind mice, bumblebees, and my favorite---a jellyfish. 

But what made our stop a particularly good choice for trick-or-treaters and their parents were the "adult treats available upon request." I'll just say that they went well with salt and lime. After giving out 330 tiny plastic cups to the parental chaperones, we were the favorite house on the block. Probably the whole street. It was epic.
Waldo, where's my drink?
Found it.
Laffy Taffy time.
Or New Jersey.


  1. You're costumes are AWESOME! Fe and I just totally had a great laugh over it :) Very creative!