Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Official Business

Today we went about town doing some official business--making a trip to the post office, locating the public library and signing up for library cards, and making a two-mile loop around our new neighborhood. We discovered an amazing local grocery store, a sweet coffe shop/cafe, some trendy vintage thrift stores, and a $2 movie theater. This not-working thing is really becoming quite productive...well, at least regarding neighborhood exploration.

In other news, Cat turned four today! (Read: "I'm too old for these picture taking shenanigans" in this photo). It slipped my mind for most of the day, so tomorrow I will continue with the yearly tradition of making No Pudge Fudge Brownies from Trader Joe's. Cat's birthday is a good excuse to make brownies, and since she can't eat them, I will.

Some fun houses on our six-block walk to the library.

La biblioteca de Belmont.

The incredible little cafe that serves local, organic, sustainable food. They're connected with Ellwood Thomspon's, that amazing grocery store I mentioned earlier. And what makes this market even more amazing is that they are doing three hours of local ice cream sampling this Friday....

I want to go back soon, pick a book off of the shelf, and enjoy a chai in a ceramic mug (with my best sister who will be here next week!).

Or drink a glass of wine on one of those adorable mustard barstools. (Also looking forward to trying their frozen blended basil lemonade or mint limeade.)

Deliciousness from Ellwood Cafe.

A walk down Cary Street. (And I thought Virginia was for lovers and Maryland was for crabs...)

Charming cleaners on the corner.

Clementine--perhaps my new favorite find. Consignment pieces from the likes of Anthropologie with prices that don't cause a heart attack. Fun jewelry too.

And since Cary Street is just a hop, skip and a jump from our apartment, we are heading back next Sunday for the 27th Annual Carytown Watermelon Festival. Mmmmmmm........

Oh, and NINE DAYS until Michael and Alyssa come and visit!!!

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  1. yaayyy good job taking pictures!! it helps me when I imagine I'm you :) ... with greg playing chris, of course ha!