Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Beachy Keen

Sun day, beach day. We began at the colorful and crowded boardwalk area of Virginia Beach. The sand was littered with multicolored umbrellas, low-back chairs, and neon swimsuits. Since we only brought a towel and the weather was stifiling hot, we opted to spend our time on the boardwalk here.
Empty rides.
On the look-out.
Kind of ridiculous that they charged to go out on the pier...
But I managed to take some photos over the picket fence barricade. Take that, scallywags!

After the boardwalk, we found a great little cafe and enjoyed mimosas, delicious sandwiches with avocado, fried okra, and coleslaw. It was a perfect Sunday afternoon meal in a crowded, local establishment. Next we drove to First Landing State Park and walked a few miles on the trails. We saw swamps and straggly trees.

Along the northern shore and the Chesapeake Bay, we found a spectacular quiet beach. Alyssa and I read and napped while the guys played frisbee.

Too cool for pictures, I guess.

Warm water on my toes.

A perfect end to our beach day.

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