Sunday, August 22, 2010

Corn Heaven

Last night we made corn-on-the-cob that was...well, there are no words. Except to say that it was to die for.

Here's how it happened:
-boiled corn just enough that it was both soft and crunchy
-brushed the corn in delectable honey flavored greek yogurt from TJ's
-rolled the corn in a mixture of parmesan, chili powder, and pepper
-sealed the cobs in foil and baked them for about six minutes
-unwrapped the yellow/white cobs covered in cheesy goodness
-consumed in record time with intermittent sighs of delight

And I owe it all to Rachel, a great gal we met while traveling in Italy. The recipes on her food blog are incredible (we've made the parmesan-encrusted corn and tex mex tabbouleh so far) and you all should give them a whirl! Mmmm....weekend of deliciousness.

P.S. Love those corn dishes---no longer available---from C&B.
P.P.S. All this talk of corn makes me think of the Corn Palace we visited in South Dakota last summer on our drive to NY. (Those pictures on the sides of U-Hauls aren't just informational, folks! Go check 'em out!)

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