Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Let's Back Track

Bah! We've been doing way too much adventuring for me to take a time-out for a blog post (who wouldn't want to be out adventuring?). But we've returned from D.C. and no one wants to move off the couch, so now is my chance to rest my feet and update with a glass of wine.
Alert: airborne rodents in Richmond! On Saturday night we took advantage of the incredible sunny weather and saw the Flying Squirrels (Richmond's AA baseball team) in action. The stadium was packed (probably because the previous three nights had been rainy) and I was excited to feel like a local with the other squirrelly fans.
A lovely night.
You can see downtown in the background, the packed seats in the foreground.
The Flying Squirrel mascot. So fierce.
Sisters at the game.

Doing my best to impersonate the extremely fierce Flying Squirrel.

Alyssa is being a bit more graceful about it.

My brother was initially skeptical about a team called the Flying Squirrels. But then he got onboard, even got some gear. Quote: "This is going to be the most legit shirt in the wardrobe."

Alyssa and I got a souvenirs too. What can I say, I can't resist office supplies, especially with determined looking flying squirrels on them.

Later that night, we made some snacks to take to the beach for the following day. Here is some Tex Mex Tabbouleh (recipe courtesy of Rachel and her amazing food blog) and vegan banana walnut bread (mmmmm!!!). The tabbouleh is packed with a million veggies and protein-rich quinoa, tossed with olive oil, cilantro, and red wine vinegar.

I'm not vegan, but the addition of molasses in the recipe makes it a winner over non-vegan recipes.
 Once again I say, mmmmm!!!

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