Friday, July 30, 2010

Bits and Pieces

Acting like she's sleeping so she doesn't have to help...

My sweet vintage find...$19! We found the year 1928 on the tag.

The (still kind of bare) study room. Thankfully we won't do much studying in here, mostly just reading blogs or watching ESPN videos (hmm, I bet you can guess who does what).

View of the outside from the inside (too hot to be out there right now). We picked up some resin Adirondack chairs on sale at Lowe's and a steal of a table at World Market. 

Taking a chance with plants--the tag on these succulents said they were pretty resilient. I'm hoping they stick around for awhile.

The ULTIMATE find. We got this old table for free (!) and have put it in the entryway. It's hidden secret? The top opens to reveal a 1971 Singer sewing machine that pops up onto the work table. I still need to give the sewing machine a good scrub down, but I'm hoping that when I plug it in it might work. In one of the tiny side drawers I also found some zippers and buttons from decades ago. Vintage, I love you.

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  1. LOVE your new finds. Looks like you are having fun decorating your new place= one you will be at for a while.