Sunday, August 8, 2010

Watermelon Weekend

This weekend's activities included exploring two neighborhood festivals and eating LOADS of watermelon. (I even have a whole one from TJ's that I haven't cut open yet...watermelon consumption to be continued!) The first one on Saturday was more of a block party with music, local artisans/Etsy crafters, and huge wedges of watermelon (see below, only $1!) all benefiting a non-profit called ART 180. Check this organization out, they are doing really great things here in Richmond.

On Sunday we walked the length of Cary Street for the annual watermelon festival---it was jam packed with more commercial vendors, but the watermelon was TASTY. And I got a free Geico frisbee out of it. I love that we can just walk out our front door and have so many things to do in every direction. (Can't wait to do more adventuring when Alyssa and Michael are here!)

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