Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Night Owl

Lately I've been adopting the opposite schedule of the one I had all of last year. Instead of waking up before five and hitting the hay at nine-thirty, I've become quite the night owl and late sleeper. Tonight I've been browsing my Domino decorating book and old Pottery Barn catalogs for ideas (expensive home furnishing catalogs have great ways of arranging a room if you can ignore the shocking sticker prices), checking out a potential yoga class and book club, reading my favorite blogs (here and here), and nailing a few picture frames around the apartment. Mostly just enjoying the freedom of creating my own schedule before the reality of career comes my way.

Here's a picture of the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts from our balcony at dusk. I tried to take a picture of the Stonewall Jackson statue (just up the street a few blocks) after dark, but he's not as photogenic after the sun has gone down. Every time we pass him I say, "What's up, Stonewall?" or "Hey Mr. Jackson." Just doing my best to befriend the South.

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