Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Cut and Paste

[Image via Apartment Therapy]
The room I rearranged the other day? It's our dining room. And for just the two of us, it's HUGE. It currently houses the small table and chairs from my Beaverton apartment, the green bookcase/ hutch I painted over the summer, Chris' college futon, and a little corner devoted to paper and plastic recycling (told you I was an Oregonian at heart...). An eclectic mix for sure, but somehow it comes together and works. And the futon (while odd to have in there) has proved extremely useful for our three sets of out of state visitors.

So now that the room is laid out to my liking, the big white empty wall is staring back at me, daring me to do something with it. Pictures? It rejects nails. The white plaster is only a thin mask covering the un-nailable brick behind it. Paint? Possibly, but it seems like just the can of worms I prefer not to open right now. Hmm. Fleeting thought of removable wallpaper. Touted as a perfect solution for renters who want to see some of their security deposit eventually come back to them, it seems like a reasonable and increasingly attractive choice. The idea came from this Apartment Therapy article about reversible wall decor. Tempaper has a few fun designs.



  1. LIKE. like like like. where are the prices on these things?

  2. I think the rolls are about $85. I saw some permanent wallpaper advertised on a blog -- so cute! -- but $375 a roll. Yikes!