Thursday, October 7, 2010

Sigh of Relief

Finally done. This piece of furniture has given me a bit of trouble (I heard a huge THUMP outside yesterday and found that the wind had blown the hutch over, hence the large crack at the top), but I'm happy to have it put back together and filled with books! In person the color is an olive-y avocado and looks really nice with the other colors (not seen here) in the room. I even placed the cheerful little orange pumpkin on the shelf to ward off any UofO vibes this green hutch might give off (but truthfully it's more likely to encourage guacamole eating than visions of a rival football team).


  1. Jake it looks great! You picked out a perfect color :)

  2. Love the color of the hutch. It came out great. That is the color I would have picked! (not to steal your thunder)