Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Spring Cleaning

[Image via Hilda Grahnat]
This weekend I rearranged part of our apartment, dragging various pieces of furniture across the floor only to end up putting most of the things back in their original positions. Chris stood by shaking his head at this compulsive seasonal habit of mine. Then I tackled the haphazardly folded clothes in my dresser, followed by a mass reorganization of our storage cabinet. Regrettably, this post-winter clutter has also infiltrated my browser's bookmarks tab. I've discovered so many fantastic blogs over the past month that they've become one jumbled mess of a list.

Enter blog spring cleaning: I've added a handful of the newly discovered blogs over on the right under 'My Favorite Reads,' making all of these online inspirations easier to navigate for myself, and you. The ten most recently updated blogs will show first, but you can click to view the entire list if you want to check out all of them. I've also added a link to my ever-growing Pinterest boards if you'd like to take a look-see.

By the end of the weekend I finally visualized a layout for the dining room that I was happy with. As I awkwardly shimmied past the bookcase with a kitchen chair under each arm, I reminded Chris that rearranging is always cheaper than going out and buying new things. He started helping.

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