Wednesday, September 29, 2010

I Spy: Northern Spies

Since apples seem to be the theme of the week (apple-picking, applesauce, new apple crate title) I thought we might give those tasty fruits their full fifteen minutes of fame. 

Here are some photos from apple picking in Ithaca from last year. Since it was October, it was a little bit cooler (check out our heavy coats and mittens) and even snowed later that day. 

Once again, an apple tune for your listening pleasure. The Andrews Sisters are a cheery complement to this rainy Richmond morning.
Northern Spies.
I should mention that before we did any apple picking, the car got stuck in the mud. My sister helped the orchard owner while I took pictures. (Tricky, tricky me.)
 Getting the tall ones.
Dad approved.
 I'd expect nothing less from a Newton family adventure.

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