Thursday, September 23, 2010

Goodwill Hunting

Goodwill is like a very convenient, indoor yard sale with dependable business hours. You likely won't see some of the deals you would on someone's lawn during a holiday weekend (i.e., fifty cent books or a bin of $1 shirts) but I've managed to find some pretty fantastic things.

First find: 1970s small table that houses a sewing machine. Now front and center in the entryway. I picked this up while I was dropping off a lamp to donate---the donation manager basically traded me the lamp for the table. "After all, we are the Goodwill," he said as I thanked him for the (free!) addition to our apartment.
Secondly: The amazing teal wingback chair that lives in our office room (Cat has managed to take full ownership of the chair). I loved the style, and Chris loved the comfort. And at $19, I just couldn't resist.
Today: I can't get to the major Goodwill stores on my bike, but just under a mile away is one of those Goodwill boutiques---a small store next to other clothing shops on Cary Street. I walked in and found a massive Webster Dictionary that had some old world charm to it. From the inscription on the front flap, I discovered it was a gift to a woman from her parents in 1961 (must have been a bookish gal to get a dictionary as a gift....). It was printed in 1959 and is more of an encyclopedia with pictures and long descriptions. I plan to feature it on the end table with the Silly Syclopedia my pal Kelsey gave me last year. Three cheers for three vintage finds on a budget!

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  1. I love how everything is color coordinated, too. I love it all!