Monday, September 6, 2010

Hey Everybody, It's Labor Day!

One of my favorite things about a road trip is being able to spend hours with Ira Glass, the host of NPR's This American Life. On our visit to Richmond from Ithaca in May, we listened to ten episodes through New York, Pennsylvania, Maryland and Virginia. That's ten hours of entertaining radio story bliss.

Since it's Labor Day, I thought I'd include this kooky little clip from one of the episodes (#88: Numbers) where Ira interviews two guys who created the 'most unwanted song.' The twenty minute ditty includes a rapping opera singer, a children's chorus, lyrics about holidays and Wal-Mart, varied tempos, bagpipes, and tubas. Basically, these researchers polled a bunch of people and found out what they liked most (and least) in a song, then combined the aspects that everyone hated and made "The Most Unwanted Music" song (you can listen to the full version here).

Happy Labor Day! 
(And stay tuned for the jingles about Yom Kippur and Christmas!)