Wednesday, September 1, 2010


I never intended for this blog to have a food focus, but when you don't have a car and the weather is too darn hot to be outside, it's either food experimentation or online shopping. I think we all know which one trumps the other in regard to fun, but alas, baking and cooking seem to be the most cost-effective options at my disposal. (I do a lot of other things here too, you know.)

As I was reading the NYT headlines this morning, I saw an article about Roger Ebert and his new cookbook. One of my favorite professors from college was a huge Ebert fan, so I know plenty about Ebert's movie reviews. What I didn't know was that he liked cooking. Even more fascinating, I learned that he has been without a lower jaw since 2006 (how can he even like cooking if he can't eat any of it?).

Intrigued? Read the article and check out his book (due out this month) about the many things you can make in a rice cooker. I've never owned one myself, but now I'm tempted. Little did I know it can also be used for perfect oatmeal, yummy quinoa, and other types of grainy delights. Sounds like quite the little cooker to me!


  1. Rice cookers can also make jams.I think I actually did make jam once. It is good and easy.

  2. Jessica! Thanks for your comment... I LOVE your blog too. It always looks like you are having such a fun adventure. Hope Richmond is wonderful despite the heat!