Thursday, October 7, 2010


My posts are like the mail. Untimely. I will wait and wait and wait all day for the mail to come, and sometimes 5:00 will come and go, and no mail. (It's usually here by 5:30, but I mean c'mon mail person!) So I apologize that I'm not like other blogs that have something waiting for you when you roll out of bed in the morning (I'm very thankful for those people, and feel disappointed when they've been lazy like me too). But I've been trying really REALLY hard to post something almost everyday, and if we ignore yesterday, then I've been doing pretty awesome. And as a bribe for forgetting my forgetfulness, I offer you two posts today.
Remember that sewing project I was working on?
Done and done!
I love back to school time so very, very much. I wish I had a budget and a purpose to buy dozens of notebooks, pencils, Sharpies and post-its. As a kid I couldn't wait to get the supplies list in the mail and head to the store to make sure I had every last thing. So when I saw this DIY lunchbag idea, I jumped on it. The dimensions on the front come out to give you an 8.5x11 notebook size, and it's much more practical for this stage in my life than actual school supplies are. I took my lunch to work in it just the other day.
A word about the original pattern: I ended up cutting the stripes the wrong way, but regardless of that mishap the bag turned out to to be pretty large and shapeless. I ended up making more of a rectangular bag with handles (very much like a mini paper grocery bag), lined it with cream colored canvas, and stitched red bias tape along the top inside edge. I wrote down my own pattern (for once), so just let me know if you'd like the dimensions of the fabric to cut. Or play around with a pattern yourself! Here is the link to the fabric (enter HKFEMAILSIGNUP for free shipping on your first purchase)---I got two yards and it was enough to make 3-4 bags (sent one to my sis a few weeks ago!).

Looks similar to the original post, right? I'm pretty darn proud.


  1. One day at work, a small crowd formed around the door where my lunch bag was hanging on the coat rack:

    "Is this your lunch bag--it's so adorable!"
    "Yes, it looks so cute! Where did you get it?"
    (Me) "My sister made it for more--isn't she great??"
    "Wow that's so incredible!"
    (Me) "I know-she's the best. I think she should open an etsy shop."
    "I definitely agree--she would sell so much."
    "I can't believe this is her actual handwriting on the bag!"


  2. Hi Jessica,

    I think your bag is better than the one you copied. Your adaptations are very practical and classier.
    You have so many good ideas!