Friday, October 22, 2010

Music to My Ears

I've noticed a lot of hooplah about The Sound of Music lately. First I heard about a sing-along at 500 movie theaters across the nation---one happened a few days ago in Richmond, but unfortunately I had no takers for tag-alongs. 

And then yesterday I found out that Julie Andrews, Christopher Plummer, and ALL of the Von Trapp children are going to make an appearance on Oprah next week on the 28th. It's the first reunion since the movie debuted 45 years ago. Gahhhhhhhh!!!!

I should have mentioned at the beginning of all this that The Sound of Music has been my favorite movie since the age of four two and a half (my mom just called to correct me on this). When I went to Salzburg three years ago, my friend and I biked to each spot where any filming took place. The Sound of Music---to me---is a pretty big deal.

Now about Oprah. Since my job is very, very part-time at the moment, there exists the slim possibility of falling into the daytime television trap. But I wouldn't. Ever. Soaps, talk shows, and cheesy court trials just aren't my thing. However, I should admit that I did watch an episode of Oprah the other week. She was featuring the family of TLC's Sister Wives. An interview with a man who just married his fourth wife and has 16 kids and they all live together as one happy family.....well you can't NOT watch something like that.

Regardless of any judgment out there, I'll be tuning in next week. I'm eyeing my curtains right now in case I need something new to wear....

Update: Find 'then and now' photos, a quiz, little known facts and more post-show fun here.


  1. I (not so) secretly love sister wives... it's so absolutely ridiculous that you can't help but be sucked into the craziness!

  2. I think I would love it too... I haven't watched the episodes, but I've seen a few of the clips. Christine cracks me up!