Tuesday, January 31, 2012


1. I threw some sweet pots in ceramics tonight! I was going for something tall and skinny and ended up with this:
Lovely, but short and wide! When I smacked the next lump of clay down on the wheel, I waved my hands over it and gave it all of the positive energy I could. And it became this!
I was so stinkin' proud. :)
2. House. The inspection came back and there's a whole mess of structural (under the house), electrical (in the house), and grading (around the house) issues. Thankfully they're fixable issues, but we're just waiting to hear back if the seller is going to pay to remedy all of these things. We really hope they do because we're not ready to put up the money -- likely A LOT of money -- to get it done. Positive energy our way folks! And just in case this house isn't the one, we know there will be others (hopefully just as cute!).

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