Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Seattle Photo Op

The week before Christmas my mom and I drove up to Seattle to see my sis Alyssa, her boyfriend David, and some of my best college pals. Even though I felt miserably terrible with a cold, we met up at Brave Horse Tavern for some brews and good laughs. My mom took on to the role of beaming photographer and -- in true motherly style -- took pictures of people taking pictures. (Please note David rubbing his flash-shocked eyes in the background of photo #6. What a trouper.)


  1. Haha! Photo #2 is a funny one of David too, since he was trying so hard to keep his eyes open after 5+ shut-eyed ones before it.

  2. thanks! I need to get famous somehow, and my best chances right now are appearing sporadically on your blog :)