Thursday, February 10, 2011

Pack Your Bread and Water

It's official! For the seventh year in a row -- and for its seventh annual appearance -- my sister and I will visit Pike Place Market in mid-May for the vegan nightmare that is the Seattle Cheese Festival. Picture this: the hustle and bustle of Pike Place Market is inundated with long rows of tents and tables serving sample cubes of cheeses from around the nation and the world. FREE samples. We've had lavender cheese, Rogue Chocolate Stout cheese, fiesta cheese, Tillamook cheese, string cheese, goat cheese, and stinky cheese. Over the years we've really wised up and created a strategy; we arrive right when it opens to avoid long lines, bring bottled water and pre-sliced bread (Essential Baking Co. makes a mean loaf), and pack for all kinds of weather. Pouring rain or blazing heat, we've seen Cheese Fest at its soggiest (what do you expect -- it's Seattle) and sunniest (the cheese was melting before our eyes). CHEESE FEST CHEESE FEST CHEESE FEST I LOVE YOU.

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