Thursday, February 3, 2011

Ode to Truck

Dear Truck,
We loved you so.
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You were there when Chris took me on dates in high school.
You made it possible for Chris to visit Seattle when we were in college so our long distance relationship didn't seem so, well, long and distancey.
You shuttled Chris' college belongings back and forth and back and forth, knowing that some years he would bring the same box but never actually open it during those nine academic months.
You adventured with us across the country towing that heavy trailer full of shiny new wedding registry gifts.
You posed with the UHaul in front of the Corn Palace in South Dakota, because the trailer had a cool picture of it and you did not.
You braved snow, salt, and threats of rust during the cold Ithaca winter.
You hung out with other Park n' Fly cars in Newark when we flew back to Portland. I'm sorry you had to spend that much time in New Jersey.
You once again carried the load of our (increased) belongings when we moved to Virginia, and you even let Cat sleep in the back seat.
Then you became very difficult to parallel park on the tree-lined streets of Richmond. But Robert E. Lee still liked you.
And your MPG just got to be too much (well, too little really).
So the time came to say goodbye.
Thanks for the good times, Truck. 
Best of luck to you with the next 100,000 miles of adventures.
We only hope that our new Civic can follow in your giant footsteps
-- but with a smaller carbon footprint.


  1. Jessica Mito, you are so creative! Loved the ode

  2. Exactly the way Selin felt about her Focus after years of traveling back and forth from Corvallis to Walla Walla and being hauled out to VA on the back of a uhaul. We even had to say goodbye to hit after someone pulled out in front of us and totaled our car! Excellent ode!

  3. The truck also took us on our first ski trips to Tri Cities, Washington. There were some very good times... I'm getting all Hachi.