Friday, January 14, 2011

House Dreaming

[Image via Design*Sponge]
At this point in my life, I love renting. When something goes wrong with the fridge, all I have to do is make a quick phone call and one of the nice maintenance guys will be on it. Renting though, however lovely and easy, has its limits. We always take care of our place and try not to beat it up too much---mostly on the hope of getting that big chunk of change (the security deposit usually worth one month's rent) back at the end of our lease. 

So I don't paint. And I don't nail too many things into the wall. It would be so nice to have a house where I could destroy walls at my own discretion (nail fifty frames to the wall like the picture above), redo outdated and ugly cabinetry, and put in floor-to-ceiling bookcases (dream of dreams!). But then who would fix the fridge? Probably me. Trade-offs, trade-offs.

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