Friday, July 9, 2010


Back at the library again since all the shops are on a siesta from 1-5pm. How nice for them! But lunch and a bottle of wine didn't occupy us for four hours, so we find ourselves here at Soriano Biblioteca once again.

Just wanted to post a quick note about how many times we have been mistaken for brother and sister. We left our rings at home for fear of forgetting them in a place along the way, but what a mistake that has been. Three separate times we have heard, 'So, are you guys sibs?' or 'We thought you were twins!' and 'Are you brother and sister?'

First of all, who takes a one month trip with their sibling and expects both of you come out alive? Secondly, it was offensive enough to get carded for a bottle of wine in Switzerland where you have to be 18. EIGHTEEN. (That's truly been the only place we've shown our passports since passing through customs back in France...) So back in Germany I found a Claire's in the train station and bought a plain silver ring to wear, as a way of warding off inquisitive onlookers. The trade off? My finger turns green.

Oh well. I guess for some, seventeen year old siblings on holiday is just way more plausible than recently married twenty-somethings. Honestly....

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