Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Oregonians, New Yorkers, Virginians

Our new town of Richmond gave us quite a warm welcome on Sunday--temperatures were in the 100s and standing outside gave me the same feeling as being at a community indoor pool. You know, that hot, thick air you can't escape (but at least there was no scent of chlorine or loud splashing kids in the middle of a swimming lesson). 

We've hardly had a chance to explore the area yet. Well, that's not completely true. We were reveling in the fact that Richmond is an actual city with actual access to a plethora of things. As we drove down W. Broad Street, we passed a huge Target, REI, Whole Foods, Home Depot, etc, etc, etc. We loaded up on groceries at Trader Joe's (so excited for the fro yo again!) and picked up necessities at Target before heading back home to our apartment littered with boxes.  Cat thinks it's a pretty fun playground, and I think she has inspected every nook and cranny of the place.

Apartment! Can't post pictures just yet since we are in the (very slow) process of unpacking and you can hardly see the floor with all the discarded bubble wrap and empty cardboard shells. We also don't have internet, so we've been hanging out at the local Starbucks (a dangerous three blocks away...must resist making this a habit) where they have slow but free wireless. Our apartment has beautiful hardwood floors that are so shiny and remind me of a ballet studio. We have lots of windows, a living room, dining room, and two (equally small) bedrooms. We've got a balcony that looks out to the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, and just next to that the building for the Daughters of the Confederacy (welcome to the South!). Come visit and we'll sit out there drinking sweet tea (just picked some up at TJ's) and later we can mosey on up to the statues of Stonewall Jackson and Robert E. Lee. Maybe we can even find a Confederate flag for you as a souvenir.

I'll be sure to update more once we are settled in!

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