Saturday, June 5, 2010

A Little of This, A Little of That

I toss a travel-sized bottle of shampoo in the Europe pile. Shorts, sunglasses, passports. Rick Steves guides, a novel or two, cribbage board. My dilemma: fighting the (okay, let's face it--predominantly feminine) urge to completely over pack for a vacation.

+5 points: I've narrowed down my shoe selection to two pairs. Keen Whisper sandals that provide breathability, a hard rubber toe, and are great for walking a lot (I picture myself hiking, bike riding, and exploring in these shoes). The second pair I just picked up yesterday. They are black flip flops by Sanuk and in one word: incredible. The bottom part is made out of a yoga mat (they make the same kind for men but market them as beer cozy flip flops and nix the whole yoga thing). Yoga, schmoga, you may be thinking. But walk in these and dare I say my feet are in a state of nirvana, or whatever some free-spirited yoga instructor might say.

-5 points: I am travelling with a roller suitcase this time around instead of a backpack, and there lies the dangerous temptation to overpack... I think to myself, 'maybe I'll bring my hairdryer!' or 'now I can fit even more clothes!' Hopefully Mr. Voice of Reason will step in and delicately assure me that I've packed enough already. Besides, I've got to leave room for any purchases abroad, right?

6 days!

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