Thursday, June 10, 2010

Eve of Adventure

My unofficial last day of work at #10395 was yesterday, and I was anything but calm. After grinding the morning coffee without anything to catch it (grounds on the ground....), I later tipped a tray of eight brownies where they fell to their death in the very same spot as my earlier failure. All of my excitement, energy and jitters for the upcoming trip were manifesting themselves in outbursts of jumps, squeals, and whispers of 'I just can't believe it!'. 

As for the whole 'carry on' bit, I am my own new hero. I decided to ditch the checked baggage idea after I read numerous times that Rick Steves strongly recommends cramming everything in a 20x14x9 inch toothpick box of insanity. (To go against the word of Rick Steves would be a rookie mistake...a sure fire way of complicating your trip even before handing your passport over to the airline employee.)  

Well call me Mary Poppins because I've fit all of my trip belongings--with room to spare (!)--into a nice, gray carry-on roller. (Now if only it could look like a carpet bag...then I'd be practically perfect in every way.)

Off to Paris tomorrow via Syracuse and JFK. Stay tuned for more adventure updates!

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  1. I am waiting... and I am worried about the shopping that you will surely want to do and how on earth will you get it back?