Saturday, May 22, 2010

The In-Laws are Coming, the In-Laws are Coming!

The calendar on the wall in our kitchen has been rapidly filling up since March. I just returned this week from Seattle/Portland where I spent five days with my sister, family and friends. One of the main highlights was the Sixth Annual Seattle Cheese Festival, a tradition that my sister and I have kept up since we accidentally stumbled upon this amazing festival during its very first year. As I say to anyone who gives a quizzical look, just imagine a street full of booths with (free!) cheese samples from around the Northwest and the world. We have attended in pouring rain and blistering heat, and since our second or third year we've learned to tote along our own loaf of bread and bottles of water. This year some of our favorites were the Rogue Lavender Cheddar and the Rogue Ale Cheese.

Oh, I guess I should address the title of this post. The in-laws are coming on Wednesday! (As I was saying before about the calendar--just returned from Seattle, in-laws are coming for a week, then a week later we leave for our month long trip to Europe!). We are so excited to have the Mito B&B open for guests again. When my dad, stepmom and sister visited in October, we had such a wonderful time here making coffee in the morning, playing Wii and cribbage after dinner, and cooking some really delicious meals. Hopefully we'll have just as much fun with husby's parents--only with much better weather this time! Local gorges, a day trip to Niagara Falls, and some enjoyable walks around Ithaca are already on the itinerary.

I can hardly believe Chris graduates next weekend and will have his masters degree after only one year. I married a genius! I'm very much looking forward to Richmond when he won't have to spend all of his time studying. And if I can find a job that offers work during normal business hours (sorry Starbucks, but 5:30am on a Sunday is getting to be a little much!), we'll be able to spend our weekends exploring Richmond, D.C., the beach, and other parts of our new state.

Ok, enough for now. I've got to get back to tidying up our B&B to impress our new guests!

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