Thursday, May 6, 2010

Birthday Treat

I enjoy a leisurely morning. I like to wake up, pour myself a bowl of Kashi cereal with blueberries, read the New York Times (online), check my email, and browse some of my favorite blogs. All of this before I head out the door at 5:15am is a tricky thing to master. A really good morning is when I don't have to work at all. I sleep in, make a coffee cake, and then eat the whole thing with Chris while watching Hulu episodes we've missed that week.

So. These blogs. I'm kind of in love with them. (See for yourself, I've listed them over there on the side.) They document beautiful things in the fashion/design/photography/culinary/etc world that make me feel like I'm living in the pages of an Anthropologie catalog. One day I saw this from Oh Joy! Eats, and I mentioned to Chris that it might singlehandedly be the most awesome contraption we could have all summer. Husby took a mental note, and come my birthday (yesterday!) a beautifully wrapped box from Williams-Sonoma arrived at our door.

I can just picture us now...absentmindedly brushing off the summer heat of Richmond while sitting on our balcony with these delectable treats. Ah heck, even though it may snow in Ithaca this weekend, I'm going to make myself one of these tasty pops and dream of summer sunshine!

(Find all of the info here. Watch the video and I swear you'll be sold.)

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  1. Jermaine and I have one and it is amazing! Enjoy your new toy :)