Monday, April 12, 2010


My mom says I'm a mover and a shaker. Sometimes I like to sit back and be a spectator, but in this case, she's right. A week has gone by since we booked our tickets to Europe for this summer and I've already mastered foreign email correspondence with kindly Italian women with rooms to rent, increased the hits on Trip Advisor by about a thousand, and made the new-looking Rick Steves library book I borrowed look like I've owned it for years (sorry, library!). Our four and a half weeks of travel are booked (at least the sleeping parts of the trip) and at budget-friendly prices too!

Here is the plan: one week in a rented one-bedroom apartment in Paris (complete with washer/dryer, air con, and kitchen!), five days in Bacharach (Rhine Valley, Germany), four days in the Swiss Alps, five days in Vernazza (Italian Riviera), one week in a village an hour outside of Rome, and three days in the heart of Rome in a guesthouse run by a woman named Sylvie (I think I already love Sylvie, just because).

I can't believe this is happening! My next task is to figure out exactly how we are getting from place to place...

Oh, and find an apartment in Richmond.

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