Tuesday, September 22, 2009


I just can't get enough of the holiday season. It's not even October, but I've already pulled out the Christmas candle (mostly to get the scent of my vegetable soup out of the kitchen) and now I'm watching 'The Holiday' after drinking peppermint tea at work. I DO actually live in the moment, however, because I ate a pumpkin scone this afternoon as a celebration of today--the first day of autumn.

The leaves are already falling (some of them, at least) and crunching beneath my feet. I hope most of the leaves will stay attached to their respective trees until the week of October 11th--when my dad, Sue and Alyssa come to visit! Other tourist attractions planned for their NY vacation may include the following: apple picking (followed by apple pie baking), visiting local wineries on Seneca Lake, and adventuring around one or more of the local gorges. And given my current employment, probably lots of coffee consumption as well.

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