Saturday, June 18, 2011

Some Catching Up to Do

It's been a while. I know.

It's just difficult to write at the end of a hard day when you just want to pour yourself a glass of wine and watch a Real Housewives reunion to zone out and recharge. And for some reason, lots of days have felt like hard days lately. I'm hoping that getting back into blogging will boost my spirits and keep you all updated on our RVA happenings.


I got a Groupon back in the spring for a class at the Visual Arts Center of Richmond. There are so many amazing classes to take -- letterpress printing, book binding, design programs, photography -- that I finally picked one the week before the first class and registered for an introductory ceramics class. I figured that it would have the most take-home projects and the most hands-on time out of all of them. And, since I took a class or two back in middle school, I figured it would come easily.
I learned after the first class that it is NOT easy. I also came to realize that my fellow classmates in Introduction to the Wheel had already been intimately introduced to the wheel and were throwing very nice pots before the syllabus was even passed around.
We're two weeks into the class now and my pots are still wobbly, but I'm really loving it. It's refreshing to be able to create a project with my hands after being cooped up in an office from 9-5. I also have a plan for all of my misfit creations: air plants. Air plants are supposedly easy plants to take care of and don't need any soil. The mugs and bowls that don't come out just right will be perfect little homes for my new black-thumb-turned-hopefully-green-thumb plant collection. My classmate (probably eyeing my third cattywampus attempt as we chat from opposite wheels) thinks it's a pretty brilliant idea too.

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  1. Can't have too many pots! I am sure they will bet better. I love the feel of clay between my fingers!