Monday, November 4, 2013

House Highlights

Inspired by a reader request, I felt compelled to tidy the front room of the house and show you some of my favorite things about it. Please don't ever think my house is this ship shape - we typically eat at the coffee table like most people our age (according to my unofficial do too, right?) and have the usual clutter of opened mail, pairs of shoes, and other things that don't make it past room one after work.

Welcome! This is where we spend most of our time - eating, relaxing, watching Game of Thrones. It has great light from the east facing windows in the morning and a cozy fireplace for chilly nights. 

The cats like to hang here as well. Boo (little pirate cat) practices parkour on the couch like a crazy person and Cat likes to curl up on a pillow.
I recently rediscovered a wool Pendleton blanket that made it with me from Portland. It's toasty on chilly nights and I'm a big fan of the white and navy design.
On the mantel I have some of my favorite pit fired pots. I love the orange and gray marks that came out of their firing in sawdust and salt. 
And this Voluspa candle is amazingggggg. I picked it up in Hawaii but you can find lots of heavenly scents  at Anthro. My other fave is Baltic Amber (thanks, Chic!).