Thursday, September 6, 2012

Farewell Squirrels

Squirrels season has come to a close. We went to about 10 games over the summer, but I always say to Chris that we could tally up how many $8 charges we have on the credit card to figure out the number of games we've attended because without fail I always order a Super Pretzel and a jumbo Diet Coke. I have enough souvenir Nutzy cups to sell a collection on Ebay.
At our final game I popped into the shop with my friend to grab some extra souvenirs to tide me over until next season, including a shirt that says "RVA - Proud home of the Flying Squirrels" and this ridiculous Nutzy hat. I put it on immediately and wish you could have seen Chris' face when I was climbing back up the steps to our general admission seats. His expression said "thank goodness you're cute because right now you're insane." I justified the purchase as planning ahead for this year's Halloween costume.


  1. Hahaaahaa I cannot stop laughing. That hat is hilarious. I can just imagine you walking out into the stadium wearing that thing!

  2. You do know how make me laugh! Wish I could have been there!

  3. WHAT you're not going to be ceiling fans again?? I'm so glad you have such a fun team nearby. It warms my heart!