Monday, July 30, 2012


About a month ago I picked up this chair at Diversity Thrift for $10 -- it just had so much staple gun potential that I couldn't pass it up. It's been sitting around in our extra bedroom for a few weeks so I decided to pop into U-Fab, a discount upholstery fabric store, to see if any fabric spoke to me. The original bluish green fabric was pretty dust ridden and had a small stain (that's why the before picture doesn't have fabric on the seat, I was too eager to rip it off before I brought the camera out). But I did find a small tag on bottom leg noting that the chair was made by the Gunlocke Company in Wakefield, NY. Kind of a fancy pants $10 chair after doing a quick Ebay search.
I ended up choosing a heavyweight gray and white woven cotton, but I also made it home with two discounted 27" down pillows, pillow fabric, and a few sample squares (more on those in the coming weeks). A quick drive across town and I got some heavily discounted foam at Joann --- $5 for a yard instead of the usual $16.99! (I'm such a deal master.) So with new foam and new fabric, my $10 chair now looks like something out of a DwellStudio catalog. Three cheers for weekend productivity!