Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Have Funn, Go Nuts!*

I was so excited last week I could hardly stand it. My mom came into town over Labor Day weekend -- she hadn't been out to the East Coast since we got married and moved out here. We drank yummy Lamplighter coffee, explored the city on foot, and lounged on the balcony with glasses of wine and homemade dinners. We boosted the economy with a trip to the Williamsburg outlet stores, dined across the street at the VMFA, and took in the last Flying Squirrels game of the season. (Sorry to say the Squirrels lost terribly, but the fireworks were spectacular and we got hugs with Nutsy THREE TIMES!!!) It was a most fantastic weekend.
*The official slogan of the Squirrels. "Funn" must be more fun than "fun" I guess!

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  1. It was a fantastic visit! I can't wait to come back in the Spring of 2012!