Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Ding! Ding!

I took Trudy out of the basement yesterday for her first glimpse of a Richmond spring. I figured that the tires needed pumping so I pedaled into Carytown and stopped at a bike shop. 

"Hi! Can you take a look at these tires for me? They're getting old."  Man squats down to look at tires.

"Yes, I know, I should probably replace them soon but I think I'll just put some air in today." Man takes bike outside and pumps the air in the tires, even though this is a self-service pump.

Mission I Don't Feel Like Pumping Up The Tires Myself: complete.


  1. What a beautiful picture and story about Trudy! It makes me think about poor Betty all couped up in your Dad's shed..........listening to the pitter=patter of rain for the past 6+months.....Maybe Michael and Betty can get acquainted this summer........!

  2. HA. Michael would be the LAST person to adopt that bike!