Sunday, February 21, 2010

Time Loop

When you work in retail/customer service/etc, it's easy to forget what day of the week it is. In fact, all of the days seem to run together into one recurring day. Like a time loop. My morning at work begins at 5:30--I wait in the chilly doorway until my coworker arrives. I punch in and we set up the store to open at six. Two regulars come in, always the same drinks. At around 7:30, the next employee arrives. We make drinks for the predictable morning rush. Polite small talk about the week or weather is always exchanged in the same manner. Everyone gets the SAME thing. Quad grande peppermint white mocha/venti pike with room/decaf tall nonfat cappuccino in a personal cup. They practically don't have to say anything...I just know. It's incredibly odd to feel like the same day is happening over and over and over again. And for the time being--in my black pencil skirt, black button up shirt and green apron--I guess there's no escaping this espresso saturated deja vu.

For a hilarious story about an ACTUAL staged time loop in Starbucks, pant-less people on the subway in NYC, and a fake birthday party for a stranger, check out Improv Everywhere and their spot on the This American Life episode "Mind Games".

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