Sunday, January 31, 2010

In Love

Every so often I get email updates from the most wonderful and beautiful place in the world---Anthropologie. I've decided that this is my heaven. I could spend hours in there mulling over each cardigan sweater and hand-painted teacup until closing time. Except in my fantasy, I have a limitless credit card and a bank account to back it up.

Their latest fashion campaign is a throw back to an era I love dearly: the 1950s. And they've also put a library spin on all the outfits. What is not to love about this? Who wouldn't want to look this great navigating the bookshelves and decoding the dewey decimal system of a magnificant library?


  1. BUSTED I found your blog. I love it!! :)

  2. I second Kelsey's comment and would like to add: Did Anthropologie spend a day in the life with Mrs. Jessica Mito to get inspired for their spring photo shoot? I think so!

  3. haha you two. discovered. i miss you.